Roof Curbs

Metal Roof Accessories


Over the years, SSM has produced thousands of roof curbs for various customers to address their specific needs.  In doing so, we have created a number of different designs to respond to the various roof profiles.  In each effort, SSM took the essence of the curb and distilled it down to the basic, essential components.  Part of this effort was in response to receiving design drawings that did not take into consideration a simple one piece design that allowed for ease of installation while also ensuring a weathertight assembly.

Through this effort, SSM has created a roof curb that is so clean, so pure of form, that we decided to have it patented.  The result:  we are convinced that our roof curb is the best one on the market today.

Fabricated in all shapes and sizes, with sections to conform with all of the roof panels on the market today, SSM makes hundreds of roof curbs a year and ships them all over this country, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas.