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Wall Panels

Over the years SSM has helped develop solutions for our customers to create the aesthetics they were looking for pertaining to different wall panels. Formed shingles, plate systems, aluminum composites and foam panels are just a few types of products that we utilize.

Series 900 Panels

The SSM 900 Series Panels are fabricated locally to respond to regional conditions and constraints. By taking the whole panel in house, we control the production, delivery and installation schedules to respond to your project’s specific needs.

Custom Flat Seam Panelscustom flat seem panels

SSM fabricates and produces our own custom module flat seam wall panels, many times realizing a savings in cost and lead time.  SSM integrates function, aesthetics, and system durability with our precision shop drawings, our in-house custom fabrication and experienced field installation.  Learn More

Composite Material Panel SystemsComposite Material Panel Systems

SSM has developed, designed and tested our own ACM / MCM wall panel systems, and now fabricates and installs custom and standard module Composite Material Panel Systems in three distinct formats: SSM-100, SSM-200,  SSM-300 and the SSM-400.  Learn More

Foam PanelsCustom Foam Panels

In our energy aware market place, foam panels solutions provide some of the most efficient R values available. Foam panel solutions are produced by a number of manufacturers and SSM has undergone extensive training to install them. With an understanding of the various systems, we know the devil is in the details and this gives us the experience to be the preferred installer in this region for many providers.  Learn More

Plate SystemsCustom Plate Systems

Plate panels provide a unique look that no other solution can.  Available in a variety of materials and an even wider array of finishes, plate panels can also have exposed or concealed hardware and can be either open joint or water tight.  Whatever your desired aesthetic, there is a plate solution for your project’s particular needs.  Learn More 

Rain Screen SolutionsCustom Rain Screen Solutions

Plate steel, aluminum composite, weathered steel, terra cotta and concrete panels are just a few of the options available on a low to maintenance free exterior cladding solution such as open joint rain screen systems.  Talk to us about your project and see what solution best suits your needs. Learn More