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900 Series Panels

SSM has created the 900 Series Panels with your project schedule in mind. This effort can save your project time and money on many different levels.

From a time stand point, SSM produces the 900 Series Panel in house. No more waiting to confirm field measurements. No more waiting on another company to generate their shop drawings and then produce the panels. And, no more waiting for the shipment to arrive on site.

Now, let’s talk about performance. You want a panel that delivers on all fronts. Plus, the sides and backs too. SSM’s Series 900 Panel has been developed and tested to pass the most rigorous rain screen criteria. As a dry joint, rain screen solution, this panel system provides you with the comfort of knowing that it has been fully tested to pass the AAMA 508-07 testing criteria. In many instances, we exceed the criteria.

Where size and flatness criteria are important, SSM delivers on these concerns too. Our Series 900 Panel is designed with both concerns in mind.

Whatever your project requires, SSM has a solution that delivers.

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