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Composite Material Panel Systems

SSM has developed, designed and tested our own ACM / MCM wall panel systems, and now fabricates and installs custom and standard module Composite Material Panel Systems in three distinct formats. Click on each below to learn more.



This is an economical system, well suited to complex applications where dry joint systems are cost prohibitive. The SSM-100 system utilizes 1 inch nominal panel thickness, wet seal ½ inch joint, route & return format, with full length perimeter extrusions that function to reinforce the panel flanges, and in-turn align the panels. Building enclosure is completed by silicone sealant and backer rod.

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This format offers a low-maintenance, cost – effective, flexible panel system. The SSM-200 system utilizes 2 inch nominal panel thickness, dry joint (½ inch minimum size), route & return / rain screen design. This system features a hi-tech, crisp, clean aesthetic with non-progressive independently removable panels over a ventilated wall cavity. A concealed air barrier membrane provides improved weather resistance.

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This is our perimeter reveal / hardware attachment panel system, featuring a high-end look, without the associated fabrication costs. Simple sheet goods and stick framing concept, the SSM-300 offers progressive or optional non-progressive installation sequence (facilitates panel removal and replacement should damage occur). Horizontal & vertical extruded aluminum H-trim (in batten and reveal profiles), as well as inside & outside corner trims are mechanically fastened to the substrate at the perimeter, panels edges set in a bead of silicone sealant slide into trim flanges concealing the fasteners.

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The SSM-400 solution features state of the art, pressure equalized, rain screen technology.  This solution provides a low-maintenance system that is part of the appeal as well.  Utilizing a 1 inch nominal panel thickness, a dry joint (½ inch minimum size), route & return / rain screen design, another key feature is the ability to include an accent color within the reveal hardware.  This system also features our proprietary corner solution which provides a hi-tech, crisp, clean aesthetic with fewer parts.

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  • Test results from Mid-America Testing Laboratory per ASTM E 283, ASTM E 331, and ASTM E 330 are available upon request.
  • Structural engineering wind pressure / suction calculations have been developed and are available on request.
  • Sealed calculations from our structural engineer can be provided if required by project specifications.
  • SSM has been recognized by Alcoa Architectural Products as a qualified Reynobond Fabricator, including engineering, fabrication and installation of Reynobond products.


We can also provide and install pre-manufactured standard module Composite Material Panel systems on-site as we have vendor relationships with the following manufacturers:

  • ARCONIC (formerly Alcoa) Reynobond 
  • Alucobond
  • Centria
  • Citadel
  • Metal Design Systems, Inc.