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Custom Fabricated Metal

We specialize in industrial and architectural fabrication using steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We assist with concepts from hand sketches to 3D models, working with our clients to fabricate materials utilizing the wide variety of equipment and expertise we have, including laser, punch and assembly.

Dust CollectionCustom Dust Collection

Managing large quantities of dust is a key component to job safety.  Whether you need cyclones, APS collectors or airlocks, we can fabricate a system to meet your specifications.  Learn More

Manufacturing FacilitiesCustom Manufacturing Parts

There are many components that the manufacturing industries count upon to do their jobs.  Machine guards & safety fencing, collection & drip pans, railings and other safety devices all play key rolls in keeping employees safe and keeping equipment running safely.  SSM offers several solutions that solve for a variety of these conditions, let us know how we can help you out.  Learn More

Insulation IndustryOwensCorning-002

Over the years SSM has designed & fabricated a wide variety of collectors, ducts, diverters and reducers for a number of clients involved in the manufacturing of all types of insulation.  Our customers have had a number of very specific requests over the years and SSM has been pleased to have these opportunities.  Learn More

Plate WorkCustom Plate Work

Plate work, by definition, requires heavy duty components: support brackets, pump stands, flanges, frames or bail hooks. We have the ability to cut and shape heavy plate steel to meet your project’s particular specifications.  Learn More

Food IndustryCustom Food Industry Template

Almost at the other end of the spectrum, SSM fabricates components for various customers in the food business.  Stainless counter top, with integral sink bowls for your ice cream truck? Whole kitchen counters?  Templates to identify production runs or signage for your recycle bins? We have your needs covered.  Learn More