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Laser Work

Today, there is no escaping the fact our laser is a key fabrication tool and has been utilized to provide a new dimension to all our fabricated products. SSM can utilize laser cut parts, teamed with our fabrication/equipment/processes, to create some of the most dynamic products imaginable.

SSM’s new laser has broadened our shop capabilities in custom fabrication, substantially reduced our fabrication time & labor, and has allowed SSM to hone our competitive edge in the industrial and building construction trades arena.

We want our Industrial customers to know that we expect to realize a significant growth in efficiency and accuracy that will allow SSM to expand into other markets. We encourage you to consider extending us the opportunity to perform even more of your specialty fabricated parts and assemblies. We want our general contractor friends to understand that you will now have an in-town source for your architectural specialty metal fabrications, including perforated panels/grilles/screens, decorative formed metal fabrications, and ornamental metals. Our broad range in precision laser cutting, offers substantial savings in time and labor.

Representative product categories: Perforated metal screens, louvers, logo/signage, grille & register covers, precision parts, decorative ornamental medallions, pump stands, and roof trolleys, etc.

Machine Capabilities

Our new, fiber optic laser is the most advanced piece of cutting equipment available in this region.  Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, the accuracy and effectiveness of our laser is without equal.

The following materials, up to a maximum sheet size of 72” wide x 156” long can all be easily cut:

  • Aluminum up to 3/4” thick
  • Copper up to 1/4” thick
  • Mild steel up to 1” thick
  • Stainless steel up to 3/4” thick

With the dual pallet loader, we can cut and shape to respond to your particular project from one unit to 100,000 or beyond.