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Custom Metal Roof Curbs
For Standard Sheet Metal, Inc. every Panel Curb we build is handled with the special attention to detail, knowing that in most cases our fabrication must exceed the requirements of metal roof manufacturers like BlueScope, Varco Pruden, Star, MBCI, and many more to insure years of worry-free performance. Our curb fabrication always meets the most challenging and specialized requirements from oversized conditions to custom painting, using only state of the art equipment to manufacture in a variety of inventory materials such as: galvanized, galvalume, aluminum, and stainless steel.

We bring to you the highest standards of workmanship with over 25 years experience and thousands of curbs delivered worldwide. Let our quality service with competitive pricing and quick deliveries take the worry out of your roof mounting needs and fast track schedules. Standard Sheet Metal is your best choice for custom curb fabrication.
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Gutter Systems and Roof Accessories
Standard Sheet Metal, Inc. can furnish you with all the steel fabrications required to complete your metal building. Roof Hatches, Interior Stainless Steel Gutter, Painted Downspouts, Special Roof Crickets and other various Trim Flashings are just a few of the wide array of Roof Accessories we offer.

We are one of the leading suppliers of roof accessories to the BlueScope Steel Company and its Builders. We take the product in its early stage of research and implement our knowledge and experience to develop it into a reliable and long lasting product, a trait that has become a trademark of our company's service. As BlueScope builders will attest, Standard Sheet Metal will commit every effort to the construction of top rated durable components for all your metal building needs.
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