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Jerry Fuller

Field Superintendent

Jerry Fuller has been in the Architectural Metal business for over 25 years. His grandfather was in the trade as was Jerry’s step father.

Working with interesting people on interesting projects is what has kept Jerry’s attention. Having worked on a wide variety of projects all over the country, Jerry likes the challenges that they present. Some have been complex and some just different than the norm. Saying that reminded Jerry that one of his favorite projects to work on was the Nauvoo Temple due to the historic nature of the project and the need to recreate cornice components the way they were historically done – the building up of the parts and pieces, in different section and shapes, to create the whole.

When not trying to figure out how various sheet metal parts and pieces go together as our Field Foreman, Jerry enjoys watching his sports or his sons play sports. Between sporting seasons, Jerry enjoys reading the works of W. E. B. Griffin or learning about WW2.


  • SMACNA Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

Work History

  • SSM – 6 years.
  • A Zahner – 24 years