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Chandler Jacobs

Purchasing Manager

Chandler Jacobs is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri in 2022.  Previously, Chandler worked for a local metal service center that specializes in Stainless Steel & Aluminum and provided distribution services for companies located in the greater Midwest.

Chandler entered the industry in early 2021 and has not looked back.  The uniqueness of the projects and industry demands, along with supply and demand economics that directly tie into capital markets fuels his passion for understanding the “why” behind price movements in the metal business.

With his past experiences, Chandler can leverage his current and past relationships with suppliers to ensure efficient and cost-effective solutions for the entire business at SSM.

Outside of work, Chandler enjoys weightlifting, video games, trading stocks/options, and working on his podcast and other passion projects.


  • University of Central Missouri / B.A. Business Economics & Marketing.

Work History

  • SS&C Technologies – 1 year.
  • Metals USA – 1 year.