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Custom Fabrication

We have the right people, equipment and expertise to custom fabricate any component that can be designed and built of metal from light to heavy gauge sheet metal up to 1-inch-thick steel plate.

Over the years, customers return to SSM with requests to make a growing variety of objects to help them make repairs to existing equipment or create a unique item for their project. Our ability to provide high quality products and quick lead-times at a reasonable price, keep customers returning to work with SSM.

SSM offers a meaningful commitment to quality, service and dependability relating to custom sheet metal fabrication and project installation. Our expertise in specialty custom fabrication is a direct result of our employee base, the knowledge and skill of our union craftsmen, and our efficient shop facility with sophisticated fabrication equipment.

We have the capabilities to custom fabricate components from:
Aluminum, Aluminized Steel, Coated Steel, Copper, Carbon Steel / Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Weathering Steel A588 & Zinc.

Our custom fabrication work includes:
Shearing, press brake work, plasma cutting, roll forming, punching, sanding, welding, finishing, coating & painting.

A sampling of our custom fabricated components includes:
Finials and spires, column covers, decorative door cladding, drapery pockets, light troughs, planter boxes, air-veyor systems, air chamber panels, air houses, access doors, bag houses, belt and chain guards, blowers, breeching, clean room components, conveyors, dampers, dryers, dust collectors, fans, filter & filter banks, insulated casings, louvers, ovens, paint booths, power ventilators, recovery systems, screens, sprayers, and stacks.