Penguins Exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo

Penguins Exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo

Working with 3 Axis, inc., SSM utilized the use of our high speed laser cutter to fabricate the aluminum frames for a part of the new penguin exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo.

With the speed of our new laser, SSM was able to cut the 3/16″ aluminum parts in a fraction of the time, allowing for a more accurate fit up of multiple parts supplied to 3 Axis

Threaded studs were then welded to the frames so as to provide a means for attaching these elements to the wall.

The assemblies were then abraded and coated with a clear lacquer to protect against finger printing.

One of the feature elements of the penguin exhibit is the graphic representation of the various penguin parts.

As with our work together on previous projects, SSM & 3 axis developed a coordinated process to precisely fabricate components that 3 axis needed.

This collaborative / team approach made certain that the components SSM fabricated fit perfectly with those crafted by 3 axis inc.

SSM was pleased to work with 3 axis inc again to help create these features for the Kansas City Zoo.