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Roof Panels

SSM utilizes both custom fabricated solutions and pre-manufactured products. Flat seam, standing seam (varying profiles) and foam panels are a few options of roof panels that we utilize. These products offer long term performance and durability. Talk to us on how you can look forward to 20 years of performance on your project’s roof.

SSM fabricates and produces our own custom module flat seam roofing panels, many times realizing a savings in cost and lead time.  SSM integrates function, aesthetics, and system durability with our precision shop drawings, our in-house custom fabrication and experienced field installation.

Our custom flat seam panels are suited for roofing applications over ice & water shield on solid wood substrate. Stainless or galvanized steel clips secure the panels in place.

Flat seam panels are formed in pre-determined pan modules; pans held in place by cleats on the top of the pan in continuous length or individually clipped on the top and one side of the panel.  Flat seam panels are typically fabricated from copper, pre-painted steel, stainless steel or zinc but other material is available upon request.

We will also provide and field – assemble preformed standard module panels on site, and to limit lead time will normally field-form the custom modules associated with panel ends and opening punch-outs, as we have a number of vendor relationships with manufacturers including:

  • Berridge
  • CopperCraft
  • McElroy
  • Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation
  • UNACLAD Firestone Metal Products
  • V.M. Zinc