RockTenn Company

Dust Collection System


SSM fabricated and furnished the air product separator (dust collector) with rotary valve airlock for both back to back APS systems as well as all associated round and rectangular galvanized welded ductwork for Harrison Folding, a Division of RockTenn, manufacturer of folding cartons and integrated producer of coated paperboard.

The 92,400 CFM, Back to Back, 18HV Air Product Separator [APS] is the main feature [the blue objects on the brown work platform] of this photo but, the reality is, just about every metal product in this photo was fabricated in our shop.

The various round duct shapes going up to and out from the APS units were made in our shop.  The large square to round fittings coming off the top of the collection silos in the back of the photo were made here too.

Rectangular to square fitting coming out of the building and rotating down into the primary equipment and the machine guarding all were fabricated to the end user’s specifications.