Colbern Road Mid-Continent Public Library

Decorative Screening


As part of the continued effort to modernize the metro area’s regional libraries, this new 33,000 square foot facility helps the branch staff turn to the next chapter in the area’s library system.

As with the previous library projects, SAPP, working with Helix came up with an award winning design.

Replacing an existing facility, this new library features community rooms, collaboration spaces and even a coffee shop.  The various functions are unified by a series of folded, perforated aluminum plates that undulate across the facade.

These panels offer a dynamic, ever changing view for the entry elevation of the building.

Using 1/4″ aluminum plate with a clear anodized finish, SSM fabricated the panels creating this unique look.  At the intersection of the two elevations, the panels have the most section to them and they change appearance – flattening out – as they progress across the facade to allow a surface for the building’s signage.

Additional components include the installation of the formed, metal panels found on the exterior elevations plus the wood grain panels and the ACM panels at the entry feature – both outside and in.  This results in a cohesive approach, making the design work as a whole composition.