The Science of Energy

Ceiling System


As part of the continued redesign of Science City, Burns & McDonnell has turned to area science students to help create an exhibit features.  Their Battle of the Brains STEM effort has lead to 2,500 students, creating 560 exhibit ideas, representing 128 area schools.

With prizes for top entries, the students then work with Burns & McDonnell’s team to keep the exhibits and experiments fresh and engaging.

In this instance, SSM created a decorative, mirror polished ceiling system that serves as a back drop for the science experiments.  It was important the the ceiling panels be true and flat – no funhouse distortions here – and SSM delivered.  The suspended ceiling panels were 2′ wide x 8′ long.  All were fabricated from 11 gauge, #8 polished, stainless steel plates that attached back to a frame work already in place.

When the panels are this polished and flat, all you see are the reflections of the objects around the room so, it is almost hard to even see our work!

We are ok with that as this exhibit allows kids to experience science in action.  Our panels serve as reflective back drop – allowing them to see the experiments from all angles – creating a dynamic space in which to make SCIENCE happen!