MU NextGEN Precision Health Staircase

Interior Blackened Steel Stair Panels


This $220.8 million facility was the top capital priority of the University of Missouri system.  Funded through a combination of private and corporate support plus, contributions from MU and the UM system, and the state of Missouri, the building was completed in 2021.

Mark McIntosh, UM’s VP for research and economic development said, “This facility will play a crucial role in MU’s future as a transformational leader in improving health by taking advantage of our longstanding culture of multidisciplinary research and integrating biomedical research under one roof.”

McIntosh went on to say, “Collaborators will include the best researchers from around the country, including our best and brightest from colleges and schools across the UM System, who will work together to conduct leading-edge research that improves our quality of life.”

For our part of that initiative, SSM‘s  blackened steel stair case panels will be there to see a new generation of scientists look for ways to improve Missouri’s future health care needs.

As we have with other similar projects, SSM fabricated, patinated and installed a series of unique, 3/8″ hot rolled steel plates, to create the striking stair panels.  The site was precisely measured via our laser scan of the stair supports.  From the scan, our panels were laid out to fit to their specific locations.

To close off the bottom of the stairs, 5/16″ thick plates were used on the soffits panels and stainless grab rails completed the picture.

The result?  A dynamic space in which researchers can pause to reflect or interact with others – collaborating to come up with the results they need to lead us into the future!