Faceted Wrap

Art Installation


Faceted Wrap is a permanent artwork commission that is part of a larger faceted reflector work-series by Derek Porter Studio.  This work-series explores how humans perceive spatial relationships and how their awareness of everyday familiar conditions may be disrupted and re-presented in order to make the ordinary seem extraordinary.  In this site-specific iteration, the Everson Museum of Art asked Derek to create a piece to enliven a poorly lit stairwell that serves as an important connector between the main-level sculpture court and the lower level galleries, auditorium and education center.

Derek’s response was a continuous array of faceted, polished stainless steel reflectors (that is 9’ tall and 45’ wide) that wrap three walls of the stairway as if it were a panoramic movie screen.  The artwork abstracts and reflects the ever changing patterns of pedestrian movement and light, resulting in a dynamic dance of color and pattern across its mirrored surfaces.

SSM fabricated all components of the artwork which include the aluminum frame – comprised of horizontal tubular ribs that anchor to the concrete walls and support the vertically oriented pickets – upon which 1,672 stainless steel reflectors are mounted.

Faceted Wrap, in combination with the interactive experience of the patrons, transforms the Kilburg Family Staircase at the Everson Museum of Art into a brilliant, light-filled experience that expands the definition of stairway beyond a conventional connector between two points, to a desired artistic destination in and of itself.

To learn more about Derek Porter Studio, click here:  Derek Porter Studio

                         Photos courtesy of the artist – Derek Porter – used with permission.