Central Industrial District Green Infrastructure Project

Laser Cut Panels


Kansas City, MO has created a green infrastructure demonstration project.  Located in the West Bottoms area of town, this project features water ponds to capture and filter stormwater, storm sewer system improvements and landscape features that provide people the opportunity to walk out into the area and see the components up close.

As part of this effort, SSM has created a series of panels designed to illustrate how the plant life plays a role in the whole process.  Laser cut, Cor-Ten steel plates, featuring actual size depictions of the local plants and their root structures are placed at the entry points to help visitors identify and learn about the eco-system.  An elevated walkway allows visitors safe access to the area.

Working with Liberty Erection, Inc., SSM used 3/16″ thick Cor-Ten steel plates that were laser cut to include graphic representations of the different plants used in the landscaping.  Then, we gently rolled the panels to follow the site conditions and attached them to the frames.  Completed components were installed by Liberty’s team of skilled craftspersons.