Playhouse Square Garage

Custom Perforated Panels


Located in the heart of the historic Playhouse Square Theatre District, the Playhouse Parking Garage creates a dramatic stage unto itself.  As part of The Lumen – a 34 story apartment tower in the heart of downtown Cleveland – the Playhouse Square garage provides 550 parking spaces for tenants of the Lumen Apartments and theater goers.

In cladding the garage, SSM created a custom panel system.  Fabricated from 1/8″ thick aluminum plate, there are three [3] primary panel shapes that work together, creating the façade.  Looking very much like a curtain that is being drawn back along a theater stage, the key was for the perforation pattern on the aluminum plates to be laid out so as to not present a border to the panels.  To achieve this, perforations extend to the panel’s edge, without a border or picture framed appearance.  The perforation pattern consists of 1/4″ diameter holes on 1/2″ staggered centers.

The panels are painted two different colors to match the Architect’s specifications.

The support system is a series of anchor brackets, fabricated from 1/2″ thick steel plate, attached to the concrete structure on 9′ centers.  Aluminum tubes act as a curtain rod, attaching to the anchors and supporting the aluminum panels.

Panel heights, widths and depths vary to respond to the pattern, suggesting the appearance of depth to the “curtain” being pulled back across the facade.  All components were designed and fabricated by SSM in house with our field crew installing the system.


~ location photos by Ian Meadows.