J. Rieger & Co.

Decorative Metal Work


The J. Rieger Distillery‘s transformation of the historic Heim Brewery has been nothing short of amazing.  Originally built in 1901, the beautiful brick building is located in the Electric Park neighborhood of Kansas City, MO.

In 2012, Rieger set the sights on bringing their brand back to life and, in 2018, they converted the Brewery building into the flagship building we see today.  Being a good neighbor, our shop is just a few blocks away, we were eager to assist in their growth in any way we could.

GastingerWalker& renovated the brewery building, creating a real show place to illustrate the area’s significance and the history behind the brand – rooted in the history of J. Rieger & Company.

On the exterior of the building, SSM was tapped to replicate missing pieces of the building’s cornice and the various cor-ten and heavy gauge steel signage elements.  On the inside, we fabricated tube steel keg supports, rolling keg blending trays, miscellaneous blackened steel trim components, various ornamental laser cut steel plates and decorative signage features.

The elements work together to complement the overall theme of the facility.

As our neighbors at J. Rieger like to say, “It is ‘O! SO GOOD.”