Exterior Cladding Components


Today, cladding materials run the full range of products.  For this project, the architect chose to use a phenolic core material known as a high pressured laminate plate because of the range of colors that the product is available in.

As an open joint rain screen system, this product does not work to keep moisture out of the building.  Therefor, it relies upon having a skilled installation crew to develop a solution that does keep the moisture out.

SSM fabricated and installed a water diverting mechanisms and flashing components to ensure that the building performs properly and then installed the phenolic cladding components so that the two work and function together.

Phenolic plates are about a quarter of an inch thick and cannot be easily formed in any manner except to be cut down to the desired shape and size.  SSM created the mounting hardware and utilized pre-painted sheet metal for flashings and trims.

For the canopy, SSM utilized one of our ACM panel solutions for its ability to be easily shaped.  Our tested systems provided the clean, distinct look that the Architect and Owner were after.