Private Residence

Custom Zinc Panels


Beautifully sited in a natural clearing, this residence embraces the surroundings.  Rising up from the ground, the black zinc panels both dominate and recede into the landscape depending upon where you are standing.

Working with the design team at HufftSSM fabricated the blackened zinc panels to maximize the use of the material while minimizing waste.  A perfect compliment to the concrete block used elsewhere on the house, the zinc panels were produced in different widths to break up the surface and reduce the visual impact of repetition that uniform panel sizes could present.

Wall panels, installed on girts over an exterior insulation system, were almost 13′ tall on the first floor.  The upper level panels were 11′ tall.  To compliment the look, SSM fabricated and installed various flashing & trim components around the windows, doors and canopies.

Rounding out the project, we provided fabricated metal components for the interior too.