Promontory Place Garage

Perforated Panels


Funny story:  the Owner of this project was half way across the country when he saw a parking garage and said to himself, “That is exactly what we should do to dress up the facade of the parking garage on our apartment complex!”

Returning to Kansas City, he shows the contractor his photos.  The contractor calls us up and says he wants to know if we can help clad a parking garage.  Contractor sends us the photos and we say, “Yes, we can help you, we built the parking garage you just sent us a photo of.”  True story.

This garage is a scaled down version of perforated panels we produced for another project.  Keeping it simple, the panels and tube frames are constructed from mill finish aluminum.  The perforation pattern is basic and straight forward, 3/16″ diameter holes on staggered centers.

Mission accomplished!