Tommy’s Express

Cladding Systems


“Live brighter.”  

That is Tommy’s motto.  And, their new facility in Lawrence, Kansas really serves to illustrate that point.  Our bright red ACM panels really pop against the brick, highlighting the building’s entry features.

In the car cleaning business, details matter.  And, they also matter in the Architectural Metal business too.  How the panels come together, how those joints are detailed, says a lot about your work.  The challenge here being the large, pie shaped panels, framing the vehicular entry and exit points.

Tommy’s Express offers a “start-to-finish” car wash package.   SSM offers a start-to-finish approach too. From fabricating the custom shaped ACM panels plus the rectilinear canopy panels to installing pre-painted corrugated siding, louvers and all of the necessary flashings and matching trims.