Exterior & Interior Wall Components


When Unilever decided to expand their local facilities in the Kansas City area, they looked to SSM – not once, but twice.  We provided repair work and installed new panels in their Olathe location and also in Independence with that location being much more complex.  

With over 125,000 square feet of foam panels, SSM coordinated the installation of the exterior and interior components.  Featuring both 3” and 4” thick foam wall panels, this multilevel facility utilized a stacking foam panels, with an internal gasket, in two colors and panel widths.  Factory made corners completed the look.

To complicate the process a bit, the facility had nearly 1,000 penetrations through the panels for mechanical equipment, conveyors, electrical & plumbing components installed by other trades.  To complete the work, SSM also fabricated and installed the several thousand linear feet of flashings, trims and closures found throughout the project.