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Architectural Metal

SSM utilizes both in house custom fabricated solutions and pre-manufactured products depending on our client’s needs. We strive to work with the Design Team to develop a solution that meets both the aesthetic intent while focusing on staying within our customer’s budget.

Custom Wall PanelsWall Panels

Over the years SSM has helped develop solutions for our customers to create the aesthetics they were looking for pertaining to different wall panels.  Formed shingles, plate systems, aluminum composites and foam panels are just a few types of products that we utilize. Learn More

Custom Roof PanelingRoof Panels

SSM utilizes both custom fabricated solutions and pre-manufactured products.  Flat seam, standing seam (varying profiles) and foam panels are a few options of roof panels that we utilize. These products offer long term performance and durability.  Talk to us on how you can look forward to 20 years of performance on your project’s roof. Learn More

Custom Roof CurbRoof Curbs

SSM has developed a patented roof curb system that is integral with ease of installation and watertightness.  The (1) piece roof curb units can be configured to any type profile roof panel and can be utilized for skylights, HVAC units and more.  These are currently being utilized on numerous Butler Roof systems and many other types across the country. Learn More

Custom Drainage SolutionsDrainage Solutions

While gutters and downspouts come to mind first, Drainage Solutions covers a wider topic than just those two elements.  From flashings & trims to all points in between, SSM has solutions to help manage whatever water control is required for your project. Learn More