10th & Wyandotte Parking Garage

Perforated Panels


AIA Kansas Honor Award:  Excellence in Architecture, 2017.

Development of Distinction:  ULI Kansas City, 2017.

The parking facility at 10th & Wyandotte began as a Design / Build project from the very onset.

Contacted originally by the design team to talk about materials and finishes, it was not long afterwards that the contractor was brought in to discuss means & methods to solve for the aesthetic, budget and schedule components of the construction equation.

Featuring a custom, vertically oriented oblong perforation pattern and a stark white paint coating, the aluminum plate system really pops out in the downtown’s urban core.  SSM’s supporting framework plays an important role too. Along the north elevation, where a geometry brake creates a cantilevered projection over an exterior staircase, the aluminum panels embrace the staircase.

At 4 1/2 stories, the garage can accommodate 300 vehicles.