51st & Main

Exterior Cladding Components


Working within the Opus’ design team, SSM provided and installed ACM wall panels and custom flashing components to meet the design criteria and budget. Canopy soffits were clad with a modified version of a typical panel that was reformatted to align with the vent conditions.

Additionally, we installed a corrugated galvalume wall panels across the exterior of the top level apartment units were selected for color and durability.

With the eclectic neighborhood of 51st & Main, the design team developed an exterior palette of materials that responded to the surroundings.  SSM provided the components for the exterior aspects that utilized metal.

Aluminum Composite Materials were sized to maximize the use of the material while responding to the alignment of the stone work or storefront joints. The corrugated panels are laid out so as to almost appear seamless. The soffit panels featured a concealed vent component hidden within the trim flashing.

SSM was also responsive to the needs of the Contractor and frequently asked if there was anything that they needed assistance with. This resulted in SSM picking up additional work that almost equaled the value of their original scope.