Blue Springs South Mid-Continent Public Library

Exterior Plate Rain Screen System


21st-century libraries are being reinvented for one of the nation’s largest library systems.

With the overwhelming success and passage of 2016’s Proposition L, MCPL is investing $113 million dollars into enhancing all 31 existing branches and constructing two new locations.  Of the 31 existing branches, MCPL will be replacing four with new buildings, expanding three with substantial building additions and renovating all 24 others. While the upgrades at each branch vary based on individual community needs and the building’s current condition, the improvements will help ensure that branches serve the needs of modern library users.

In Jackson, Clay, and Platte Counties, the Mid Continent Public Library (MCPL) makes up the largest library system in the Kansas City Metro Area.  And, as one of the largest library systems in the country, MCPL has over 30 branch locations to serve more than 800,000 citizens.

Over the past year, the design team at Sapp Design Architects and Helix Architecture + Design have been working with MCPL to prepare new designs and remodeling efforts for the existing facilities.

Sapp & Helix are working together to bring their firms’ combined expertise with 21st-century libraries, architecture and interior design to each branch location.  Together, the firms representing the wishes of MCPL, worked with Construction Manager, JE Dunn Construction to develop a phased approach to construction.  JE Dunn, in turn, brought in SSM to provide budgeting for the various exterior elements.

SSM developed budget pricing and provided supporting images of several cladding solutions that helped inform the design team’s decision making process.  Once the first set of projects went out to bid, SSM‘s winning bid hit right in the middle of the target.

Phase I projects, included:  Blue Springs South Branch, Excelsior Springs Branch, Antioch Branch, Oak Grove, Weston, and the Platte City branches.

The Blue Springs South branch also received a nice new metal metal canopy with a glass entry vestibule.  SSM provided formed metal panels, face fastened ACM components and decorative trims to round out the look.