F-16 Wing

Custom Feature Element


Colonel Kevin Mastin, USAF Ret., was a Thunderbird solo pilot.  Today, as Director of Business Development for AO&A, his company wanted to salute him for his service and asked SSM to help.  AO&A creates themed environments for a number of customers in the resort, restaurant or themed environment destination business so it was easy for them to think of a creative way to address this.

The decision was made to create a feature element in the lobby of their new head quarters.  An F-16 wing, painted out in Thunderbird colors was decided upon.  SSM created the framing components via our high speed laser cutter.  A jig was created to assemble the components so that we could easily move the wing around and roll it over so that both sides could be clad.  The wing flap is articulated to move.

The completed form was then painted out, decals were applied to match the official USAF Thunderbirds Squadron graphics, and finished off with a plane identification number that represent the date the company was started – May 13, 2009