Legends Lawn Canopies

Custom Sunshade Structures


“The Lawn” is a new outdoor community space located at the Legends Outlets.  Features include:  a 40′ LED screen to play movies and sporting events plus plenty of green space and yard games for guests to enjoy.  In addition, four striking new canopy structures were fabricated to provide shade and a splash of vibrant colors to the plaza.

That is where we came in.  SSM designed an aluminum trellis system to support the decorative shade elements.  Shaped like large flowers, the mitered tubes create patterns of their own to compliment the fantastical, graphic images found on the shades.

Jane McNeely, of Jane Designs, creates her art in manner that is both representational and whimsical.  The bold abstract patterns of overlapping, floral colors compliment the over scaled insects that are rendered in shimmering aluminum.  How she makes it all work together is the secret to the success of these pieces.

From every vantage point in the courtyard, the canopies are an eye catching delight.