Olathe Indian Creek Library

Custom Aluminum Facade


2020 Design Excellence Honor Award Winner – Kansas City Chapter of the AIA. 

Olathe’s original Indian Creek Library experienced serious flood damage.  The City elected to use the opportunity to create a new facility rather than make repairs to the damaged one.  In doing so, they were able to purchase a vacant grocery store and adapt it to their needs.

GouldEvans transformed the old, big box store into what we see today – a first class facility that provides the user with a dynamic experience.

SSM, while responding to budget concerns, worked with the design team to create the unique facade elements.  Featuring more than 700 custom fabricated aluminum panels, this feature adds to the dynamic appearance of the building.  Additionally, the fins serve to defuse light coming in through the curtain wall – mimicking the experience of reflections and light coming through a tree canopy along the Indian Creek Trail.

Continuing into the interior, the sunshades are installed as part of a patterned, decorative ceiling element which adds to the overall experience.  SSM also fabricated and installed the texture ribbed panels, flashings and trim components to complete the exterior.