Powell Gardens Sculptures

Sculpture / Art Features


SSM was approached by Powell Gardens to create these new art features to kick off their spring season.  They had approached another customer to create some sculptural concepts and that customer gave Powell Gardens our name as their fabricator of choice.

We worked with the sketches that Powell Gardens provided, refining the concepts, further defining the shapes, finalizing the materials, sizes and colors for each sculptural piece to help create a cohesive design feature.

Each element started as a flat object that was then defined three dimensionally in house.  By creating our own cut files, we have a level of control for each component that, once shaped, insures a clean, tight fit.  Being able to form and roll shapes in house increases their accuracy which means less work from the assembly perspective.  That translates into lower costs for our customers.  This is true for art features, architectural elements or for custom fabricated steel components.

The results speak for themselves.  The functioning watering can fountain feature works out to be just over 3 times normal size while the native cornflower sculptures have grown to become a coin toss challenge.

Once everything was painted, SSM delivered the finished components and placed them on site where the plumbing connections were made.  Go out there and see them for yourselves!