Salina Central High School

Identity Element


In the effort to create a new identity to accompany the changes being made to the floor plan, DLR Group and McCownGordon approached SSM with the idea of producing a new entry feature above the existing entry.

At 82′ long and almost 15′ tall, the existing horizontal band above the entry lacked punch.

Viewing that area as a blank canvas, DLR’s team created a dynamic, graphical element that announced to visitors that they were going to be entering the Home of the Mustangs!

Utilizing 1/16″ thick, aluminum plate, SSM created the desired graphic element via custom perforation patterns that the design team produced.

The finished signage element is 81′ long x 12′ tall and is comprised of 19 clear anodized panels on a support back up system. SSM combined the precision technology of our laser with the speed of our punch to create the custom graphical image without the costs associated with “custom” work.  By simply varying the percentages of open area, different densities of  the same perforation pattern we were able to create the visual image of a mustang galloping across the prairie.

As intended, the school was transformed virtually over night, resulting in a striking feature that the school is proud of.

“The original 1952 building is structurally sound.  There’s a lot of history here.  The building has been here so long, and thousands of graduates have come through the doors.  The architects have been able to keep that history, but bring it into the 21st century.  We still have that link to the past, but we’re moving forward.”

~ Nate Showman, Principle of Salina Central High School.