The Edison: Baldacchino

Themed Environment


The Edison is a thematic gem.” ~ Tom Bricker, Disney Tourist Blog.

When SSM was originally approached about a new, high profile, project in Orlando, we were supplied a few renderings created by the design team.  We knew from the start that this was to be a Design / Build assignment where we would fabricate and install various components for a new restaurant.

The Design / Build approach offers the opportunity to save a project time and money – creating the best value for the customer.

As we did with the companion clock, we assembled our team here at SSM, following the project from beginning to end.  This team consisted of the:  Project Engineer, Project Modeler, Project Shop Foreman, The Design Group, the equipment operators, and our Field Foreman and his Field Team.  Together, the team had a combined knowledge base of nearly 300 years experience in Architectural Metal.  With this process in place, communication between all parties is greatly enhanced.  This allowed the team to work together and discuss the various challenges each component saw within the project.  The effort helped to streamline the various tasks of creating these signature elements that came to define the project.

As one enters the restaurant, our clock grabs your attention but the baldacchino defines the primary  dining space of the restaurant and delineates the locations of the stair case and the various bars.

SSM first created a 3D parametric computer model of the various components that make up the baldacchino features.  By testing these elements in the computer model, SSM was able to illustrate to our customer that we had a complete understanding of the site conditions.

We laser scanned the as-built structural steel components that our column surrounds would capture.  This allowed our Design Group to recreate the field conditions in the computer to see how our virtual components would work with the structural steel components.  In the computer model, we could adjust the mounting brackets and the cladding elements to insure that collisions between the various components were eliminated.

The baldacchino’s primary design elements are the column surrounds, with their stepped capitals, and the arched openings between them.  Creating the components and how they went together was the primary challenge.  Unfolding the formed pieces so that we could see how they looked as flat objects allowed us to lay out each piece and cut it out.  From that point, we worked with the design team to introduce elements that reinforced the theme.  The suggestion of rivets were added by embossing a regularly spaced bump in some areas and laser cut patterns were created – suggesting decorative metal scroll work – in other areas.

Then, the various components were released to the shop for fabrication.  Working in different gauges of steel plate, parts were fabricated, formed, welded as needed and then patinated with a solution developed specifically to meet this project’s needs.

Assembly was smooth and the components went together as planned.  The results of our effort are stunning.  SSM‘s team delivered an end product that people are talking about.

Our thanks to our friends at the Food Blog for the use of some of their photos.